Espresso for your Office

As coffee continues to evolve on our West Coast we see the growing trend towards traditional espresso, especially in the Office. With the continued advance of Nespresso in the home environment we see more and more demand for true espresso the office, not just some imitation form. How can you enjoy this easily?

Mill Creek has two ways to do so, and affordably as well. First of all the easiest solution is the Nespresso Office Professional units. Some for small and some for large offices. These machines brew fantastic espresso beverages at the touch of a button, perfectly every-time. Secondly we now feature a Superautomatic machine, an Italian model from the manufacturer HLF, which will brew a fantastic espresso shot, a latte, a mocha or even an Americano, at the touch of a button. And for those that do not want to be baristas for the office this is your machine. Either of them will make the enjoyment of this beverage a simple task not involving a raft of people to create it. There is no mess and no lengthy amount of cleanup at the end of the day. For the larger size offices this is the Cadillac of espresso for your office.

The world of coffee is never dull and static. We love the beverage and industry for it is always changing. The challenge is not the amount of choices available but the ability to select the correct ones for the customer and ones that have endurance for the long haul. Mill Creek Coffee is never satisfied that we have all the tools for our toolchest. We search the country, North America and overseas to find better chocies that will not just make our products and services more affordable but better overall. We pride ourselves in bringing great value to the market, which is not always defined by price. We are confident in the two choices we have made so far.

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