Timothy’s Coffees

Timothy’s Coffee


A Canadian Roaster that has been producing great coffees for many decades, these coffees are available for use with the Keurig Brewing system.

Blends Available
      • Mild Roast
        Morning Blend
      • Medium Roast
      • Italian Blend, Mocha Java, Nicaraguan Wiwili
      • Dark Roast
      • Emeril Big Easy Bold, Midnight Magic, Parisian Nights, Rainforest Espresso, San Lorenzo Dark, French Roast
      • Flavored
        Irish Cream, Kahlua Original, Cinnamon Pastry, Caramel Vanilla Nut, German Chocolate Cake
      • Teas
        Chai, Cranberry Green, Earl Grey, English breakfast, Lemon Blueberry, Peppermint, Green
      • Decaffeinated
        Decaf Hazelnut
      • Hot beverages
        French Vanilla Latte, Cafe Mocha, Chai Latte, Dulce De Leche (caramel)