Espresso for Your Office

Espresso for Your Office


For the truly discerning coffee connoisseur we are proud to feature the Nespresso Office Solution for espresso lovers. This program offers the compact brewers as well as the coffees to truly enjoy coffee in its purest form. You can make the straight shots of espresso or jazz it up with a latte or cappuccino. Add a shot of syrup or make a mocha, the choices are endless.

The equipment is very simple to use and there is no fuss, mess, or waste. With the simple touch of a button the coffee is brewed and a cappuccino or latte is made. No grinding or tamping for everything is prepared for you.

Why not enjoy the finest in tastes with this espresso program from Mill Creek Coffee.

Lavazza LB2317

Nespresso Zenuis

LB 2317 with Milk fridge

Nespresso Momento
Lavazza Classy plus

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Nespresso CS220
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