Traditional/Touch Screen/Touchless Single Cup Brewing

Traditional/Touch Screen Single Cup Brewing

We also carry the newest versions of the original single cup brewing choices, the Total Lite and Total One brewer from Cafection Enterprises, a Canadian manufacturer. These units have been serving people a great cup of coffee for years. Now they are available as touch screen units and are Wi-Fi capable. For use with our variety of coffee choices, including Seattle’s Best Coffee, you can serve your staff an affordable choice with the convenience of single cup brewing. In addition to coffee you can also have a choice of a Latte, Hot Chocolate or flavored beverage as a separate choice or blended with your coffee.

Total Lite

Total 1

Bravilor Sego

Touchless Technology

Limit touchpoints and contact in your office with new touchless solutions from Bravillor and Caffection.  This wireless technology allows you to customize and order coffee right from your smartphone. Simply scan the QR code or use the Sego app to select your beverage, place your cup and enjoy your beverage brewed with peace of mind and preserving the safety of those around you. See demonstration videos below.

Sego Contactless coffee control

Sophia Touchless Solution

Bravillor Sego


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