New tastes

As with all things in life routine can set in and life becomes less then exciting. As much as routine is beneficial for some things, such as commuting, work, and school, it can be detrimental to the enjoyment of life in other things such as food and drink. To that end we are pleased that Starbucks continues to recognize the need to invigoration and has launched some new blends for us to offer. although these may be available on the shelves of a Starbucks store it is seldom you will be able to enjoy a brewed cup of any of them as it is not often featured. We, though, are proud to feature these new blends to our customers – now available are FTO Italian Roast, French Roast, Gold Coast Blend, and Kenya AA. Add that to the current offering of Café Verona, Sumatra, Pike Place, Guatemalan, True North, FT Café Estima, Espresso, Organic Yukon, and Decaf Pike and there is no way boredom can set in.

Enjoy the variety of lie courtesy of Starbucks Coffee!