Status Quo

Status quo – what is it? It is defined as “the existing state of affairs” and is often used in sentences like “They liked to have the status quo” or in other words, don’t change it, it works!

Is that your feeling in life? For some that is the way they make it through each day. If that is what it takes, good for you. Keep doing it for you are productive and enjoy your life that way.

If though it is status quo simply because you haven’t explored anything new or changed it up in a while due to being in a rut, then maybe now is a good time to look at things.

Why now? Fall is a time of change. the leaves change, the days change, the moods change, and the weather definitely changes. We are back in our routines and perhaps those are more of a rut then a routine. As change is happening all around why not employ some change in your life and see what the results are. Now we are not encouraging monumental change such as carers or relationships simply on a whim. Those can be life-altering decisions that need to be contemplated thoroughly. No rather we are talking about simple things to perk things up a bit. How about a new style, a new way to get to work, a new lunch spot, a new beverage or even, dare I say it, a new coffee drink?

This time of year everyone brings out something new so give the status quo the boot for a few weeks and venture out. Starbucks launches a very popular drink called Pumpkin Spice Latte or their brewed beverages such as Holiday blend, Christmas Blend, Anniversary Blend or Thanksgiving blend. And as the season progresses look for Crème Brulee latte or White chocolate latte. Starbucks is not the only place to try out some of these new tastes. Look for local cafes that work hard to make the neighborhood better and give them a shot. Locally Waves, Caffe Divano. Gallaghers, or JJ Bean.

And if coffee is not the thing you are interested in changing? Then have you taken notice of the amount of craft breweries that have sprung up over the past few years. In our local area we have Big Rock Brewery, Moody Ales, Parallel 49 brewing company, Red Truck Brewing or Steamworks brewing. All take a spin of their own on a great long-time beverage.

Or if beer is not the thing then how about a wine tasting, vodka tasting, olive oil tasting or Vodka tasting tour. There are so many ways to perk things up that there is no reason to keep the status quo.

whatever the decision the best thing you will find is that it widens the horizons of what you have experienced, the people you have met, and the places you have seen. Many times what exists in our own backyards is tremendous but because we are stuck in our own status quo we miss it. Before the dull days of winter hit get out and enjoy!