Reunion Coffees

Reunion Coffee:

This Canadian Roaster, owned by Peter Pesce, is dedicated to bringing the best blends and varietals of coffee to all consumers. Its unique blends and tastes continue to excite consumers across North America. These coffees are exclusive to Mill Creek Coffee and are available for brewing a full thermos or one cup at a time in various equipment.
Blends Available
  1. Light Roasts:
    1. Donut Shop
    2. Pacific Lite
  2. Medium Roasts
    1. House Blend
    2. Polynesian Paradise
    3. Colombia San Miguel
    4. Café Antigua
    5. Mocha Java Style
    6. FTO Arabica Supreme
    7. Rainforest Alliance Island Reserve
    8. Rainforest Alliance Organic Sierra Verde
  3. Dark Roasts
    1. Café Europa
    2. French Roast
    3. Midnight Blend
    4. Viennese Special
    5. Arrow Espresso
  4. Private Reserve Coffees
    1. Colombia Las Hermosas
    2. FTO French Roast
    3. Rainforest Alliance Island Reserve
    4. Privateer Dark
    5. Sumatra
    6. Rainforest Alliance Organic Sierra Verde
  5. Decaf Varieties
    1. Donut shop decaf
    2. Swiss Water Decaf
  6. Pod Brewing Coffees
    1. Donut Shop
    2. Espresso Roast
    3. Fair Trade Organic French Roast
    4. Swiss Water Process Decaf
    5. Decaf Donut shop
    6. Decaf French Vanilla
    7. Chocolate Buttercrunch
    8. French Caramel
    9. French Vanilla
    10. Jamaica Me Crazy
    11. Vanilla Hazelnut
    12. Colombia Las Hermosas
    13. Rainforest Alliance Guatemalan Dark
    14. Rainforest Alliance Island Reserve
    15. Kona Blend
    16. Privateer Dark
    17. Sumatra Dark
    18. Wolfgang Puck Rodeo Drive
    19. Wolfgang Puck Toscana
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