Not same old same old anymore

As the world turned the calendar onto 2020 much of what was going on in the world seemed to have minor effects on us. Yes oil was hurting in Alberta and the pipeline debate raged on, but BC still forged ahead. We continued to be the province that people wanted to work and live in, and our economy reflected that. Then Co-Vid 19 happened and all things changed.  In a “New York minute” the world, and ours, changed. No more gatherings of friends and outside family, no more working in large offices where sharing of space is common, and no more “normal” as we knew it.

But just as fast as things went “south” the new normal emerged and we found that we could survive, we could operate, and yes we could live, albeit differently than before. Families became closer, communication became more vital, and new ways to gather emerged. Had anyone heard of Zoom before this, but now who hasn’t? The air became fresher because fewer people were driving and more were walking, hiking, and biking. Although fewer businesses were open, the ones that navigated the change were doing well, such as restaurants moving to take-out and delivery. And did you see the lineups at the Starbucks drive-thru? Yes we found a way to carry on.

What will the rest of 2020 bring, and beyond? Although we may all have our opinions on where the new normal needle will finally settle this fact is clear. We must be ready to adapt as it is evident our world can change quickly. Whether working from home, online schooling or being much more aware of our own health and the effect on others, we will all need to adapt to the fragile nature of human society. Whatever comes of 2020, and beyond, always remember that we share this planet with many others, and treating others as you want to be treated goes a long way to making things workable for all.

Be safe and calm.