Sustainability and Coffee

In our modern world the word Sustainable has become as common as coffee, global warming, and generation x, y or millennium. So what is it and why so prevalent? For all of us sustainable means that what we have today will be used in a way that our children, their children, and other future generations will also be able to use it. For example our forests; without sustainable forest practices we will cut down all the trees and have nothing left, or nothing left for a long period of time, which is disastrous to the planet as a whole. Coffee has now been brought into the discussion for if we do not practice good growing, harvesting, and roasting methods we may not be able to enjoy this product in decades to come. For example, with the advent of more unpredictable weather coffee crops, that used to rely on prescribed wet and dry periods, are now susceptible to other diseases that never used to be around, for the cyclical nature of the seasons cared for them. Now that is not the case so sustainable planting and growing methods must be utilized or we will not have crops to harvest in future years. Starbucks Coffee, and others, have put forth unbelievable amounts of time and money into ensuring the beverage you are probably enjoying right now will be here to enjoy next year and next decade and so on. Working directly with farmers, over 150,000 of them, to ensure proper growing, nurturing, harvesting, and reinvesting we all benefit as each year the crops are abundant and able to be roasted so we can buy our favorite Christmas Blend from your favorite Starbucks Store or that special coffee we love being brewed in a Clover brewer. We encourage you to research how much is being done as you will be amazed at the amount of effect being felt by these efforts, (check out Starbucks CAFE practices as a good place to start) all so we can have a sustainable beverage in the years to come.