Spring has sprung?

So  with the abundance of chocolate and flowers for sale it is evident spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes the start of new things, or a refreshed approach. The dull days of winter and dark, rainy afternoons and evenings will soon abate. And the return of warm sunshine will brighten everyone’s outlook.

So what does spring mean for the world of coffee? Our annual trade show NAMA is an event we look forward to. Here Starbucks, Reunion Island, Nespresso, Keurig, and many others will present their latest in new innovations and tastes. This year it is held in Chicago so a fun city to enjoy a few days in. (Mind you we are fed up with the Blackhawks winning the cup!)

What will this mean for you and I here in Vancouver? We look forward to presenting new tastes and ideas to our customers, and a refresh of new ideas for our website. There are always the standard ways to enjoy this great beverage we all love, but without excitement it becomes boring. Currently we have some new ways to keep the coffee program fresh such as new products from Skinny Girl and Torani. Ask for you samples from your representative.

No matter what spring means for you, make it a healthy choice. Get out and involved in something that will keep you invigorated and positive. The summer will seem long in June but not so long in September, enjoy it while it is still on the horizon.