Flavored Coffee

The smell of French toast in the morning or the whiff of Crème Brulee coming from the kitchen. Who doesn’t love those smells, they make the mouth water just thinking of it.  And to satisfy that many roasters have come up with flavored coffee to imitate that aroma and taste. So how good are flavored coffees? Depending on the roaster they can range from terrible to great. The roasters will add flavorings to roasted coffee, call post-roast, and depending on the amount of type of flavoring  it will be fantastic or not. The bottom line is that you will then be brewing up the flavored coffee after it has saturated the beans, and while the aroma of the blend will come through strong in the brew process, it will never duplicate the taste you have with the real product. So if you are happy with more aroma then taste then great, stick with flavored coffees. If you want to have more taste then just aroma then might we suggest trying syrups to your favorite blend. Syrups add the flavor and taste you want post-brew which can only enhance the taste. Much like brewing a latte instead of making it after the shot of espresso is made. Of course with everything, taste is in the mouth of the drinker. The bottom line is this: If you love what you drink great. If you don’t here is a new suggestion for you. Keep enjoying this great beverage in its various forms, it is far healthier for you then many other things.