Dairy in BC

As we move through the dull days of January and February we are having time to reflect on ideas that are being promoted by various governing agencies. One that comes to mind recently is the Canadian Dairy Council and there reaction to the new Free trade agreement that is on the books tentatively signed by the previous federal government. How does this impact you and I? It appears, if passed, that the market will be allowed to have some outside impact from other suppliers whereas the diary farmers have been exclusive with their products up until now. Thus the reason that our dairy in BC and Canada is so much higher priced then with our friends to the south. so the moment free market opportunities arise the dairy boards react very negatively, in fact putting through the largest price increase we have seen. How this will impact their business I am not sure but money is not flowing freely in many parts of the world so impact it will. What can you do? Perhaps contact the local dairy supplier you buy from and express your concern. Or the BC Dairy council or the Canadian Dairy Council.

Nevertheless in all situations where increases are put through it creates opportunity to look at other product choices. We encourage you to do that with the vast amount of choices we carry and see how you can minimize any impact from this.