Coffee News

As we close out the year we always have much to reflect back on. Was our year successful or not, was our life better or worse off, how are our relationships doing, and how is my health. With some days off, hopefully, and a good cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend or your favorite Tim Hortons double double you can take some time to ponder and make decisions where things will go for the next year.

For us in the coffee world we too reflect back on what the year brought and what next year will. This year brought more stability to the green coffee pricing, although with the advent of more adverse weather and the Canadian Dollar we will see how long that will last, as the crops were substantial. For us here in Canada Starbucks has introduced a number of new blends in whole bean varieties that add spice to the lineup and enjoyment to the end user. The fine taste of Nesresso has started to really catch fire and the consumer is really warming up to the idea of a great espresso or real latte in their office. And the continuation of the single cup phenomenon doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. More and more roasters and brand personalities, such as Buddy the Cake Boss, Guy Fieri and Bethany Frankel as Skinny Girl, are all introducing their own tastes.

What will next year bring? first out of the gate was news this month the Green Mountain and Keurig sold to a large German private company called JAB. This is also the owner of Tassimo, Peet’s Coffee, Intelligencia and Stumptown coffee. Will we see all of this remain as one or will there be a separation of certain parts that no longer make sense? Will arrangements already in place prior to the acquisition stay in place? That will be interesting to watch over the coming months. I am sure those that had stock in GMCR, and were paid a 78% premium for them, will be smiling while it all unfolds. Also next year we look forward to seeing the first recyclable Kcup hitting the market in a true sense. Although some have claimed it already this will be the first genuine article to be truly so.  As the major argument to Kcup use is removed let’s see what transpires after that.

No matter what else occurs what is always fun with this beverage is that it is never dull. Whatever occurs, whether in business or the crop, we are always excited to have or use something new.  We look forward to presenting these new ideas to our customers and those that want to learn and enjoy.