Coffee and your health

As we get close to the end of the calendar year many people start to ponder the past year and plans for the new one. Call it whatever you like it is never a bad idea to do so personal reflection to see how your life, health, relationships and any number of other things are going.

As health is in the news a lot, and the quality of life we enjoy is greatly tied to it, let’s discuss that.  Numerous studies have been put out stating the value of certain foods and beverages to our overall health. Obviously the beverage of choice for us is coffee. And to that end coffee has been proved to be a plus in aiding in our health. In moderation we find coffee good for many things, whether in heart health, digestion, or energy levels. But that is the key, in MODERATION. Where we find most of our problems occurring in life is when we go to extremes.

So for the new year, if you are contemplating look at a moderate approach to your health and diet. They say consuming 3 – 6 cups of coffee a day is not a problem, however if those 3 – 6 cups are taken as double double, as Tim Horton’s fans know,  then it is no longer beneficial long term.  Coffee, by itself, or with a little skim milk or natural sweetener is alright but when adding 18% cream and sugar you will do much more harm then good over time. Even natural sugar such as what Starbucks offers is a better choice.

So enjoy this great beverage but do so in moderation and you will enjoy for many years to come. As for other aspects of your health take some time to reflect and investigate. With minor adjustments you will see amazing results and feel a world of difference.