Coffee Crops and Pricing

In the news lately has been some discussion on coffee crops and pricing. Perhaps you have heard of a lack of rain in Brazil or a blight/rust on crops in Mexico or Colombia and wonder how this will affect the beverage you love.

The good news is that the crops are above average in production and the volume of product should be sufficient, however the challenge is that the commodities markets are not based on facts but speculation and emotion. Commodity speculators have entered the market about 6 months ago and driven up the price of green coffee from a low of $1.20 a year ago to a high of $2.25 in the past few weeks. Couple this with the increasing value of the US dollar and we are hit with a perfect storm of price adjustments.

We have mitigated much of the increase through long-term buying and short term pain on our part, however we have had a slight increase in some of the roasted products we feature. As cost stability is crucial to us we are working hard to mitigate these effects and continue to deliver the level of service with excellent products you have to come to expect.