A new year begins

So who would have thought, 2016. didn’t we just have the Y2K issue to worry about, yet that was 16 years ago! So what will 2016 bring? If you are in oil-rich areas of the world, such as our neighbors to the east, it can bring a lot of challenges as you try to figure out how to make the economy adjust to changing energy times. For those in other areas where the energy-based economies are not at paramount we might think of how other issues affect us. For example the Syrian refugees and their new life, the issue of gun control in the US, or the import/export balance being played due to the weakening Canadian dollar.

Whatever the year will bring for each of us we need to keep some things in proper perspective. We are fortunate enough to live in a part of the globe where we have a measure of health, security, economic opportunities, and recreational opportunities galore. So instead of just taking it for granted and carrying on with our great life why not think of how we can give back or do better for someone else. Maybe it is that you switch to Fair Trade or Rainforest Alliance coffees from Starbucks Coffee. Or you experiment with some local roaster such as Ethical Bean or Parallel 49,  who crafts his beans with that special passion only available to these small batch roasters. Or perhaps you drive less and walk/bike more. Less TV and more family time. Less fast food and more healthy eating.  The choices are endless.

Whatever direction you decide 2016 is up to you. although we don’t control all things for those that you do consider the impact on others and you will find it a great year!