Socially conscious coffee

Green, green, green. Everywhere we look it is all about being green. So the push is on, and rightly so. This earth and its resources are precious and we want to do all we realistically can to ensure they remain for a long time.  So what is being done in the world of coffee to ensure we too are being green. (And not just picking the coffee cherries while they are green). The sustainable products being put in the market today from the coffee industry are vast and come from the large players, such as Starbucks, Keurig, or Tim Hortons, to the small players like Reunion Island, Ethical Bean, or your local café. Organizations such as Trans Fair (Fair Trade), Rainforest Alliance, Bull frog Power, or BCorp are all endeavoring to ensure products, and ways of doing business, are sustainable for the years and decades going forward. Mill Creek Coffee enjoys working with most, if not all, of these, whether through our own initiatives or through those of suppliers we work with. How can you get involved? Look for the green choices available to you through us, or your local café. Whether it be the Fair Trade certified coffees, the Rainforest Alliance certified blends, the Organic choices in coffee or tea or whether the roaster you buy your coffee from is Bull Frog powered or not, make sure you are doing your part to enjoy this jewel for a lifetime.  In future posts we will explain the organizations and what they are trying to accomplish.