The best Office Espresso

For the genuine connoisseurs of coffee espresso is the only way to go. But how do you get a great espresso in your office or at home without a ton of work and mess? If you feel that way you need to try Nespresso, the simplest way to enjoy fantastic espresso in your office or… Read more »

Coffee and the Canadian Dollar

With the downward trend of the Canadian Dollar many are experiencing the pain of purchasing products originating in US funds. Coffee is no exception as it is all purchased in US funds each day. Roasters, distributors and retailers alike are all facing higher costs due to this. Does this mean that you will be seeing… Read more »

Coffee Crops and Pricing

In the news lately has been some discussion on coffee crops and pricing. Perhaps you have heard of a lack of rain in Brazil or a blight/rust on crops in Mexico or Colombia and wonder how this will affect the beverage you love. The good news is that the crops are above average in production… Read more »

Introducing the New Mill Coffee Creek Website

Mill Creek Coffee is excited to launch the new look of our website, a long time coming. Although the goals of Mill Creek Coffee have not changed we are eager to express them in a more pleasing manner which allows our potential or existing customers to navigate through the choices much easier. As we are… Read more »