Starbucks Brewers

With the advent of colder, wetter weather many people have to bundle up a lot to go out for the favorite Starbucks beverage. Wouldn’t it be nice to have one right in the office without the hassle of leaving the premises? Starbucks has introduced their Digital Interactive brewer for use exclusively in offices. No more… Read more »

Socially conscious coffee

Green, green, green. Everywhere we look it is all about being green. So the push is on, and rightly so. This earth and its resources are precious and we want to do all we realistically can to ensure they remain for a long time.  So what is being done in the world of coffee to… Read more »

Starbucks Holiday Blend

As the days get colder, the leaves continue to fall, and summer is becoming a distant memory, we look for something warm and comfortable to enjoy the day with. Mill Creek Coffee is pleased to present, once again, the Holiday Blend from Starbucks Coffee. This blend of coffee is a warm invite to enjoy the… Read more »

Single Brew Coffees

With the explosion of coffee interest in the late part of the 1980s and into the early 1990s there was a great demand put on providers for better quality and convenience. To that end the espresso machine became very popular in North America, producing the specialty beverages that everyone craved. Also gaining acceptance at that… Read more »