Coffee and your health

As we get close to the end of the calendar year many people start to ponder the past year and plans for the new one. Call it whatever you like it is never a bad idea to do so personal reflection to see how your life, health, relationships and any number of other things are… Read more »

Flavored Coffee

The smell of French toast in the morning or the whiff of Crème Brulee coming from the kitchen. Who doesn’t love those smells, they make the mouth water just thinking of it.  And to satisfy that many roasters have come up with flavored coffee to imitate that aroma and taste. So how good are flavored coffees?… Read more »

Fair Trade Coffee

With the awareness of the global impact of so many things we do the Fair Trade movement gained momentum and really took hold in the early 1990s, with regard to coffee and famers. Fair Trade is an organization that ensures farmers, and their workers, are paid a fair wage for their product, thus ensuring that… Read more »

Sustainability and Coffee

In our modern world the word Sustainable has become as common as coffee, global warming, and generation x, y or millennium. So what is it and why so prevalent? For all of us sustainable means that what we have today will be used in a way that our children, their children, and other future generations… Read more »