Spring has sprung?

So  with the abundance of chocolate and flowers for sale it is evident spring is just around the corner. And with spring comes the start of new things, or a refreshed approach. The dull days of winter and dark, rainy afternoons and evenings will soon abate. And the return of warm sunshine will brighten everyone’s… Read more »

Dairy in BC

As we move through the dull days of January and February we are having time to reflect on ideas that are being promoted by various governing agencies. One that comes to mind recently is the Canadian Dairy Council and there reaction to the new Free trade agreement that is on the books tentatively signed by… Read more »

A new year begins

So who would have thought, 2016. didn’t we just have the Y2K issue to worry about, yet that was 16 years ago! So what will 2016 bring? If you are in oil-rich areas of the world, such as our neighbors to the east, it can bring a lot of challenges as you try to figure… Read more »

Coffee News

As we close out the year we always have much to reflect back on. Was our year successful or not, was our life better or worse off, how are our relationships doing, and how is my health. With some days off, hopefully, and a good cup of Starbucks Christmas Blend or your favorite Tim Hortons… Read more »