Not same old same old anymore

As the world turned the calendar onto 2020 much of what was going on in the world seemed to have minor effects on us. Yes oil was hurting in Alberta and the pipeline debate raged on, but BC still forged ahead. We continued to be the province that people wanted to work and live in,… Read more »

Status Quo

Status quo – what is it? It is defined as “the existing state of affairs” and is often used in sentences like “They liked to have the status quo” or in other words, don’t change it, it works! Is that your feeling in life? For some that is the way they make it through each… Read more »

Espresso for your Office

As coffee continues to evolve on our West Coast we see the growing trend towards traditional espresso, especially in the Office. With the continued advance of Nespresso in the home environment we see more and more demand for true espresso the office, not just some imitation form. How can you enjoy this easily? Mill Creek… Read more »

New tastes

As with all things in life routine can set in and life becomes less then exciting. As much as routine is beneficial for some things, such as commuting, work, and school, it can be detrimental to the enjoyment of life in other things such as food and drink. To that end we are pleased that… Read more »